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GBH 2022 Annual Report

For everyone, 2021 was a year of challenges and constant reassessment of priorities and focus. GBH used this time as an opportunity to further change the ways we make media and engage with our communities. We consciously broadened our perspectives, questioned our assumptions and expanded our frames of reference. We have discovered people, topics, insights and exchanges that we may have overlooked in the past. We invite you to explore Widening the Lens, our 2022 Annual Report. Find out how we collaborated with new creators, who delivered more diverse content and viewpoints.

View archived 2021 report here

2022 Annual Report GBH - Widening the Lens - a picture of a woman holding a video camera
Inclusive Language Guidelines

Inclusiveness is a core component of the WGBH mission and brand—in our people, programs, and in all of our communications. That’s why we developed Inclusive Language Guidelines to help us cover our complex, multicultural world with accuracy, authority, respect and sensitivity that values each human being.

A vital resource for unbiased news, information, and cultural programming, public media is ideally positioned to take the lead and set the highest standard for inclusive language. As our culture and society evolve, our language will continually change. This is a living resource that will be updated periodically.

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